I will however be sure to tell everyone about play lab parties!  I can not express to you how much play lab has meant to E  how grateful we are that he has had this outlet in his life :).  I hope to see play lab continue on and grow!! 

Mother to Play Lab participant

“Parents I want to again let you know how much my second grader has been loving these Sunday art classes. I can’t recommend them enough! It’s drop in and can be drop off, and the open-ended exploratory visual play, especially without me around : ) is such a rare and wonderful experience for him. He wants to go every time! Highly encourage you to check it out, it’s one of the area’s best-kept secrets. Last Sunday was pretty hopping but some of these classes are not very fully attended, so give it a try!”

-Mother to a 2nd grade participant.

“As I told Priscilla – [my daughter] told me every day how she wanted to go to this 500 days a year, or the entire summer next summer, or the full day – she enjoyed herself SO much!
She talked about what you did, and how much she enjoyed herself. The first day, she came right home and wrote the script for the show she’d come up with. She wanted to build an installation in our living room!”

-Mom to 12 year old

“Most amazing center run by Kai Kleinbard with Priscilla Shen Ribeiro and their Play Labs. Kids build multi-sensory installations, paper toys, and more.”

-Arts Educator, NYC

“I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for making the birthday celebration super special. The kids absolutely loved it and the birthday girl said it was her best birthday ever.

Thanks again”

-Mother of 12 year old

“My 7 year old son has been attending these Sunday Play Labs all fall, taught by his beloved art teacher Ms. Shen (she teaches at PS 295), and they’re pretty much Brooklyn’s best-kept secret. [They] spends 2-3 hours creating in a free-form, collaborative, imaginative way, and this work has transformed how he feels about art and himself. He is always building and working with any materials at hand now, and introduces himself as someone who is great at making things. He takes such joy and pride in his work now, and I wanted to spread the word about these wonderful classes. They’re drop-in and can be drop-off, and I just can’t recommend them enough!”

-Mom to 7 year old.

” I’m really happy at play lab, cuz we do art and art and more art. I wish I could stay there for 100,000 minutes!” ~ E  
Thanks Kai and Pricilla 🙂 
-Mom quoting her son about Play Lab

Hi Kai and Pricilla, 

Thanks again for another fantastic morning! E stuffed animals finally have the wardrobe of their dreams 🙂 And are still being worked on with the extra pieces he took home ! Thanks so much, looking forward to what’s in store for the new year.  
-Mom  to Play Lab particapant