Play Labs are back! [2018 is in the works….stay tuned!]

Fall, 2017

Welcome back to a new season of Play Lab! We had a great summer with our Mini Play Lab camps. Check out their beautiful creations, including a castle and Olympic games on Facebook.

Continuing our research this Fall, we have made changes to Play Lab:

  • two new locations, 808 Union Street, Park Slope and 320 Dean St, Boreum Hill
  • We will be holding 4 participant max Play Labs in Park Slope first Sunday of every month, and larger workshops for children and parents at our Boreum Hill loft (dates TBD).
  • Monthly Play Labs in Park Slope are drop off only

PLAY LAB SCHEDULE [first Sunday of every month]: 

PLEASE NOTE: most up to date schedule is at our FACEBOOK PAGE

  • NEW LOCATION: 808 Union St., Park Slope
  • TIME: 10am – 12pm
  • PARENTS: Drop off only
  • Participants: 4 kids maximum per Play Lab



OCTOBER 2 – The Playground

Come to our First Play Lab of Fall 2016! During this Play Lab we will explore the art of the playground. What does a playground need to make it the playful? We will use recycled materials and art supplies to create our own miniature playscapes, as well as see how artists have reinvented the playground. Please bring any materials from home that you may find useful for your creation or want to share.

[picture credit: Isamu Noguchi]



NOVEMBER 7 – Hangout14470641_567987626727073_8899147734842902445_n

Let’s hang out and hang a work of art! Not just a picture on a wall. Let’s suspend a picture. Let’s dangle objects. Let’s explore how gravity can play with art. We will take a look at some of the great artists who suspend their work, like Jacob Hashimoto and Alexander Calder, and create our own suspensions. Feel free to bring in light weight objects, wire, string, anything that can hang! Open to ages five and up! Space is limited. Sign up early at



DECEMBER 4- Playfilled Design

image1Design and play go hand in hand. They call for flexibility, and the process is key. Come and create a one of a kind design. Will you make a spy kit that can be strapped around your waist? Will you design a unique snack carrier that leaves your hands free for climbing the monkey bars? What do you want to design? Open to ages 5 and up. December 4, 2016. Sign up at



Play lab: The HAT January 8, 2017play-lab-pic-small-size

Why do we use hats? Hats can be used for many purposes. They can protect our heads. They can be worn for special occasions. They also can be worn for fun. Let’s celebrate the New Year with your unique creations on a hat! Come and create a playful hat and parade it around for all to see! Each participant will be provided with a plain hat. Feel free to bring any items from home that can be added to your hat.


Play Lab: The BOX FEBRUARY 5, 2017

Boxes are the best! They can hold gifts. They can hold surprises. They can also hold an entire world! Come and create your own Box Construction at our next Play Lab. Each participant will be given a box to fill with his or her personal creations. Will you make a space themed box that opens to the universe? Or maybe an underground box which holds secret passageways to a treasure? Play and make art with fellow Play Lab participants. As usual, we will work with recycled materials and art supplies. Everyone is welcome to bring materials to share.

Play Lab: LET’S BE GIANTS, March 5, 2017

Come and join us for our next Play Lab. We will become GIANTS by transforming our Play Lab space into an island of miniatures. What can make us Giants? Small people, small animals, a small town? We will use recycled materials and some art supplies for this installation. All pieces can be taken home to continue your play. Please bring any items from home you want to incorporate into our space.

Art by Stephan Baghot de la Bere, 1904






What is Play Lab?

an ongoing workshop to  foster play and creativity in people of all ages. Guided by Priscilla Shen-Ribeiro

play lab image for Fall 2015

Come play and make art! Open to ages 5 +. Each Play Lab session will have a particular play theme to initiate our art making. Play themes will be advertised prior to the lab date. All labs will focus on basic materials such as paper, scissors, tape and glue, as well as recycled items that just need a little bit of imagination to transform. “Players” may bring other items to share with the group. Creations may be collaborative and/or individual. At times, an installation will be made for all to enjoy.

The magic of play is that the ordinary can become extraordinary. Get some Rocks, Paper, and Scissors, and you have the potential to create a wonderland!

The magic of play is that the ordinary can become extraordinary. Get some Rocks, Paper, and Scissors, and you have the potential to create a wonderland!


What are people are saying about Play Lab?

“As I told Priscilla – [my daughter] told me every day how she wanted to go to this 500 days a year, or the entire summer next summer, or the full day – she enjoyed herself SO much!
She talked about what you did, and how much she enjoyed herself. The first day, she came right home and wrote the script for the show she’d come up with. She wanted to build an installation in our living room!”

-Mom to 12 year old


“Most amazing center run by Kai Kleinbard with Priscilla Shen Ribeiro and their Play Labs. Kids build multi-sensory installations, paper toys, and more.”

-Arts Educator, NYC


Hi Kai, my son is so looking forward, he has collected all his fabric and ideas, 
And makes sure to remind me everyday not to forget to bring him :)) 
-Mom to Play Lab participant

Birthday Parties: 
Play Lab is available to host your birthday party! information here


During the Summer of 2015 we piloted our Play Lab program at the bodyLITERATE.  The participants designed their own light and scent show.  For more information, email: